Question 1: What is Guam Land Mobile App?

Guam Land Mobile App (LandApp) is an application developed for use on a mobile device. The LandApp enables users to have access to land related data.

Guam Land Mobile App is initially was designed for use by the general public. Future versions of the LandApp may have features designed for heavy users who have a recurring need for sophisticated land data. Heavy users may include title companies, surveyors, architects, and engineers.

The LandApp is free and available for download on Google Play for Android devices. An iOS version will be made available in the AppStore soon.

Guam Land Mobile App is part of a greater effort to provide government information and services available online and on mobile devices.

Question 2: What data is offered on Guam Land Mobile App?
  • Street Layer
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Land parcel ID
  • Neighborhood
  • Land Area
  • Tax Zone
  • Zone
  • Appraised Land Value
  • Appraised Building Value
Question 3: Is there a cost for using this app?

Currently the app is for free.

Question 4: Who can we email for additional information?

You can email info@mobileapps.guam.gov

Question 5: Why develop mobile apps?

The Calvo-Tenorio administration is committed to improving customer service and one of the ways we are able to achieve this goal is through the use of technology by making government information available to you anywhere in the world at any time of day.

A higher percentage of time on the web is spent on mobile devices. The government of Guam acknowledges that information and e-government services should be developed for both the standard desktop browser and mobile devices.